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Brief History of Steel Balls

Source:Luoyang Mingzhen Bearing Steel Ball Co., Ltd. | Updated: May 06, 2016

The history of steel balls may be traced as far back as ancient Egypt. Early drawings suggest that the massive stones used to construct pyramids were moved using a method that involved rolling balls. 

Other depictions indicate that hand drills were crafted using a type of ball bearing mechanism. 

An actual wooden ball bearing used in a rotating table was found in the wreckage of a circa 40 AD Roman ship, recovered from Lake Nemi in Italy.

Around 1500, Leonardo da Vinci created his design for a helicopter, which included drawings of ball bearings.

A century later, Galileo conceptualized caged balls in a ball bearing application. It was not until nearly two hundred years later, in Wales, that the first ball bearing design was patented by an inventor named.

Right now, steel balls have been a necessary components of bearing & automatic industries. Luoyang Mingzhen Bearing Steel Ball Co., Ltd. continuously working on making bearing run smoother. 


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