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Brief Introduction of Forged Steel Balls

Source:Luoyang mingzhen bearings steel balls Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

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The forged steel ball has good surface quality, good impact resistance, strong toughness and good wear resistance and it’s not easy to break and be out-of-rounded. The metal heating temperature attaches to 700 - 1300℃, putting pressure on the metal blank material by the forging machinery, resulting in plastic deformation to obtain certain mechanical properties, certain shape and size forging. Mechanical properties of forging are generally better than casting of the same material. The important parts in the high-load and harsh working conditions mostly use forgings. In addition, the forging steel ball must use the most wear-resistant material, such as 60Mn and 65Mn of the national standard or the high-performance and wear-resistant alloy steel material that some companies independently developed. And the steel produced by large steel mills is the best. For the same kind of material, the quality produced by different steel mills is different. 80% of the forgings quality depends on the quality of the material. For example, using high-manganese steel can get good impact resistance, strong toughness and good wear resistance and it’s not easy to break. The forging steel ball is favored by the majority of users because of cheap price and durable economic characteristics.


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