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Common Defects and Causes of Steel Balls Blank(Ⅰ)

Source:Luoyang mingzhen bearings steel balls Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

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Common Defects and Causes of Steel Balls Blank(Ⅰ)

1. Causes of undershooting: the cutting material deformation is large, and the gap between the main cutting knife and cutting tube is too large, bending the material section; cutting material is short, the position is inaccurate, the pressure of feeding wheel is uneven, feeding is slippery; after the material going into the die, the clamping is not correct; when stamping, the inclined iron of the punch seat looses and sinks, changing the punch position; the cutting quality is poor, when the gap between the cutting knife and the cutting tube is too large or too small, causing the cutting surface is not smooth and resulting in undershooting.

2. Causes of the slanting edge: the diameter of the bar is small or the size of the die nest is large, when the blank material going into the die, the clamping will be not correct; the cutting knife is not adjusted so that the material can not be sent to the appropriate position; or since returning too fast, the punch has no fixed blank, making the position  of the blank in the punch and die in the side; the die position of the punch is not correct, the center line does not coincide, blank displacement is large, may resulting in product in the slanting edge.


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