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Current Situation of Bearing Steel Industry in China

Source:Luoyang mingzhen bearings steel balls Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 30, 2017

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The steel ball is one of the important parts in steel ball bearing, its quality affects the bearing's dynamic performance and service life to a large extent, but also affects market prospects and development of the bearing industry in China. Since the reform and opening up, China's steel ball industry in the bearing industry, level of equipment and technology have been significantly improved through technological innovation, digestion and absorption and quality research. Now the main steel ball manufacturers generally stably produce G10 steel ball using large cycle process in mass production, some manufacturers can produce G5 steel ball using large cycle process in mass production. The quality level is close to the advanced level of foreign countries, thereby reducing the imports of high-precision and high-quality steel balls, but also bulk exports. Although these years, China's bearing steel ball companies have made great achievements. But compared with foreign advanced countries, there is a certain product quality gap.


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