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Main Ways to Improve the Contact Fatigue Life of Steel Balls

Source:Luoyang mingzhen bearings steel balls Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

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In the ball bearing, the main failure form of steel balls is contact fatigue flaking, followed by the bearing noise or life affected by the surface processing accuracy and surface quality(including the loss precision due to wear or poorer dimensional stability). The main ways to improve the contact fatigue life of steel balls are as follows:

1. The quality of steel balls’ material

When the steel ball bearing is in operation, under the action of the alternating stress of the rolling contact, the maximum shear stress appears in the sub-surface layer of steel balls. In the area, the material of non-metallic inclusions or coarse carbide will have a stress concentration , causing micro-cracks. Most sub-surface fatigue flaking is based on these microcracks as a fatigue crack source. It expands to form flaking, finally forming steel balls’ failure.

2. Surface treatment of steel balls

A large number of studies and observations indicate that, regardless of which model fatigue failure, in most cases fatigue cracks are sprouted on the surface or sub-surface of the material. The external force parts bear, most concentrate in the surface or decrease successively from table to interior. After a period of expansion, resulting in parts’ fatigue.


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