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Reasons for Bearing’s Abnormal Sound

Source:Luoyang mingzhen bearings steel balls Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017


Reasons for the bearing’s abnormal sound can be analyzed from the following aspects:

1. Drawbacks of steel ball and ferrule trench on the surface.

When the surface of steel ball or ferrule trench has drawbacks, the similar impulse noise will generate.

2. The deviation from spherical ball surface, waviness and surface roughness of steel ball.

Steel balls have the most significant impact on the oscillation and noise of the bearing. The deviation from spherical ball surface makes bearings generate low frequency oscillation and abnormal sound, the waviness makes bearings generate high frequency oscillation and abnormal sound, while the roughness makes bearing generate complex frequency of noise.

3. The roundness and waviness of ferrule trench.

If the roundness and waviness of ferrule trench is controlled unreasonably, bearings will generate “Weng Weng” sound.

4. The structural parameters of the retainer.

When bearings rotates, the retainer and the rolling element will bump against each other and the retainer noise occurs.

5. Bearing clearance.

The greater the bearing clearance is, the worse the bearing rigidity is. And bearings are prone to produce a more substantial oscillation.

6. Bearing cleanliness.

Bearings are cleaned unclean or the foreign matter goes into bearings, bearings will produce the dust noise.


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