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Comparison of Linear Sliding Bearings and Linear Ball Bearings

Source:Luoyang Mingzhen Bearing Steel Ball Co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 10, 2016

In the traditional machine design, the ball bearing is a common choice. But with the development of innovative high performance engineering plastics, sliding bearing also can work normally without lubrication. With this characteristic of sliding bearing, it can be used in some work conditions which have special requirements.

The development of ball bearing is based on reducing friction and required drive. Because the contact area of point is smaller than that of the plane, it is possible to achieve low guide shaft or axle friction guide. The friction is reduced, the heat is also reduced accordingly. Ball bearing has lower requirements for wear and lubrication comparing with sliding bearing. The basic components of ball bearing is the ball body, which usually consists of a number of steel balls. Take sliding bearing as example, the ball body moves along the axial orbital in the bearing ring, in a straight line, the load is delivered through ball bearing ring, and usually the more steel balls the greater bearing capacity. The working principle of ball bearing and sliding bearing is shown in the below pictures:

Since the ball bearing needs to be lubricated, the irregularity of its maintenance would affect its functions, especially it is more sensitive to dirt and moisture, which is the reason why ball bearing usually equipped with dust cover or sealing plate. Besides, the organization of ball bearing decides that it would be affected by outside impact and vibration.


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