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Technology Control for Reducing Vibration of Bearing Steel Ball

Source:Luoyang Mingzhen Bearing Steel Ball Co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

According to the requirements of  low noise bearing for steel ball, it becomes quite important to analyze the factors influencing vibration value of steel ball. Among them, the processing quality is the most obvious factor. In the process of manufacturing, there may some machining defects on the surface of steel balls, such as pitting, scratch, lapping damage and so on. Such defects must affect the vibration of bearing steel ball, thus it is necessary to improve the quality of bearing steel ball surface. Except for human factors, processing technology affects the quality of bearing steel ball surface most. Thus, we should improve each process around processing technology and analysis of pre-process. 

1.     Improving deflashing tools

2.     Controling the heat treatment evenly

3.     Improving the surface strengthening technology

4.     Controling the quality of hard grinding wheel

5.     Improving the steel ball’s precision

5.1  Adjust the in-and-out of first lapping and second lapping equipment

5.2  Improve the precision of first lapping product

5.3  Use super quality lapping plate

5.4  Improve the cleanliness of finished steel ball surface


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