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Terms and Definitions of Steel Balls ( I )

Source:Luoyang mingzhen bearings steel balls Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

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1. Nominal ball diameter: it’s generally used to identify the diameter of the ball.

Note: nominal ball diameter is each nominal size of steel balls’ diameter(standard diameter), which can be repaired by the 4 decimal point.

2. Single ball diameter: the distance between the two parallel planes that are tangent to the actual surface of the steel ball.

3. Mean ball diameter: the arithmetic mean of the maximum and minimal single diameter of the steel ball.

4. Variation of ball diameter: the difference between the maximum and minimal single diameter of the ball.

5. Deviation from spherical form: all kinds of deviations from the surface of the ideal steel ball, which are evenly distributed or unevenly distributed and emerge repeatedly across the entire spherical form.

Note: these deviations are caused by:

-- deviation from spherical form;

-- waviness;

-- surface roughness;

-- surface defect.


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