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Type of installation

Source: | Updated: Mar 22, 2016

Angular contact ball bearing fast easy automatic optimal selection of provides selection, installation form of angular contact ball bearing, a back to back, face to face and order three series.Two bearing the wide end back to back (relatively) when installation, bearing of the line of contact Angle along the rotation axis direction spread, can increase the Angle of the radial and axial bearing rigidity, resistance to deformation ability;Face to face (two bearing the narrow end relative) when installation, bearing contact Angle of the line in the direction of the rotary axis convergence, the bearing Angle rigidity is small.Due to the bearing inner ring out of outer ring, when two bearing outer ring clamp together, outer ring of the original clearance eliminated, can increase of bearing preload lotus;Tandem arrangement (two bearing the wide end in one direction) of the installation, bearing in a parallel direction and the contact Angle, can make the two share the same direction of work load.But when using this type of installation, in order to ensure the installation of axial stability, two series of bearing must be installed on both ends of the shaft to the.


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