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Study On Nonlinear Dynamics Of Surfaces Of Ball-bearing System

For contains surface fault of bearing Nonlinear Dynamics relationship complex and to used analytical method for description, problem, through on bearing running process in the bearing pressure roll child number changes law of analysis, established segment function and defects impact function description bearing running process in the different location of defects whether in hosted district and defects produced impact of strength, proposed a group single surface fault of bearing Nonlinear Dynamics equation, to description contains single surface fault of bearing running process in the of Dynamics relationship. Will establish a single surface failure of rolling bearing nonlinear dynamic equation of import to the ADAMS simulation software simulation and vibration tester and BTV-1A the actual measurement of surface vibration signals of rolling bearing fault compared results show that building with single surface of ball-bearing Nonlinear Dynamics equations full description the actual running surface dynamics of rolling bearing failure.


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