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Plastic Balls

  • Nylon Balls
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    Nylon Balls

    Nylon balls (PA balls) are the most widely used non-metal bearing balls.The material of nylon balls offers excellent wear resistance, high tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity, high impact resistance etc.Read More
  • Polyacetal Balls
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    Polyacetal Balls

    Polyacetal balls (POM balls) are developed as a kind of plastic balls that has characteristics of alternative metal. Polyacetal balls are widely used in bearings, rollers, valves etc.Read More
  • Polypropylene Balls
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    Polypropylene Balls

    Polypropylene balls (PP balls) are featured by low weight, excellent heat resistance, excellent electric insulation. Thus, the application of polypropylene balls is now in expanding on automobile, home electric appliances and many other areas.Read More
  • Teflon Balls
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    Teflon Balls

    Teflon balls (polytetrafluoroethylene ball) offers high chemical resistance, high weather resistance, excellent electrical insulator etc. Teflon ball (PTFE Ball) is the essential material of semiconductor, precision and high-tech industries.Read More
Luoyang Mingzhen Bearing Steel Ball Co., Ltd is one of the famous plastic balls manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing with plastic balls free sample, welcome to import high precision bulk plastic balls in stock from our factory.


Plastic Ball

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