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How steel balls are produced?

Heading: Cut the tested coil wire into short lengths and then compress each piece into ball shapes with heading machine. After this precess, each ball still has a protruding band (Burr) around the middle. It need to be removed in the next process.

Deflashing: Remove the burrs and produce a spherical shape with deflashing machine. In this process, the noise is very loud. It is because the balls are being ground inside grooved disks at a tremendously high pressure.

Heat treatment: Heat the balls with high temperature and then quench and temper them to give them sufficient strength and durability. Quenching means cooling the balls quickly from a high temperature. It will change the structure of the steel to make it harder but the balls are still brittle. Then the balls need to be heated again to a high temperature for further strengthening which is called tempering.

Grinding: This process adjusts the dimensional precision and finishes the balls to the stipulated dimensional difference with grindstone disks.

Finishing: Small size steel balls will do finishing to increase the material strength of the surface.

First lapping: The dimensional precision of the balls is further improved and they are finished to the specified dimensional difference.

Second lapping: Improve the balls' dimensional precision to the proper grade level and make the surface of the balls extremely smooth, shinny.

Visual inspection: All the completed steel balls will be visually inspected by our inspector to make sure no surface defects.

Other inspections: Size and roundness inspection, hardness inspection etc.

Packing: Visual-inspected steel balls will be packed into polybags and cartons with anti-corrosive oil.


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