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  • Chrome Steel Balls
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    Chrome Steel Balls

    Chrome steel balls (bearing steel balls) are used in the ball and roller bearing industry and for a variety of automobile applications. The material of chrome steel balls is Gcr15 (AISI 52100).Read More
  • Carbon Steel Balls
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    Carbon Steel Balls

    Carbon steel balls could be separated into soft carbon steel balls and hard carbon steel balls according to their surface. These balls are used in bicycles, locks, shelf, bags etc.Read More
  • 304 Stainless Steel Balls
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    304 Stainless Steel Balls

    304 stainless steel balls are the most popular stainless steel balls. 304 stainless steel balls are widely used in valves, medical applications, pumps, sprayers, agitators, food processing etc.Read More
  • 440C Stainless Steel Balls
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    440C Stainless Steel Balls

    440C stainless steel balls have similar material strength and accuracy with AISI 52100 chrome steel balls. These balls are widely used in stainless steel bearings, valves, pumps, petroleum, navigation etc.Read More
  • Forged (rolling)steel Grinding Balls
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    Forged (rolling)steel Grinding Balls

    Forged steel grinding ball has the advantage of good quality surface, high impact resistance and wear resistance. It is widely used in mining, power plant, coal chemical industry and so onRead More
  • Casting Grinding Balls
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    Casting Grinding Balls

    Casting grinding balls can be separated into high chromium balls, middle chromium balls and low chromium balls according to their chromium content. These balls are widely used in cement, building materials, metal mining and so on.Read More
  • 201 Stainless Steel Balls
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    201 Stainless Steel Balls

    201 stainless steel balls are widely used in variety of industries like switch, motor fittings, bags, lamps etc. The material of 201 stainless steel balls is nonmagnetic with poor performance of antirust and corrosion resistance.Read More
  • 316 Stainless Steel Balls
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    316 Stainless Steel Balls

    316 stainless steel balls are used in sprayers, bearings, pipe fittings, valves, pumps etc. The material of 316 stainless steel balls includes 2-3% molybdenum which makes them have excellent corrosion resistance and antirust.Read More
  • 316L Stainless Steel Balls
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    316L Stainless Steel Balls

    316L stainless steel ball is softer and more shinning that 316 stainless steel ball. With better performance of corrosion resistance and antifust, 316L stainless steel balls are also used for jewelry and medical application.Read More
  • 420 Stainless Steel Balls
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    420 Stainless Steel Balls

    420 stainless steel ball is an excellent product for those industries which have requirements of high precision and rust resistance. These balls are widely used in bearings, valves, lighters, pumps, motor fittings, chain wheels etc.Read More
  • 302 Stainless Steel Balls
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    302 Stainless Steel Balls

    302 stainless steel balls are widely used for valves, pumps, sprayers, agitators and food processing etc. The material of 302 stainless steel ball offer good corrosion resistance and good antirust but poor hardness.Read More
  • Si3N4 Balls
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    Si3N4 Balls

    Weight of a Si3N4 ball is less than half weight of a general steel ball with excellent physical performance. Thus, these balls are using in aerospace, high precision bearings, wind power generation, pumps, valves etc.Read More
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